hydronic systems at home

Zone valves – A Brief Introduction

These are valves which are electrically powered and are used in the hydronic systems at home. Compressed air or vacuum is used in the large commercial installations. Here the motor connects to the water valve through mechanical coupling. There are two stopping points called as valve open and valve closed. Motor combines with the rotary switch and it is in the shape of small shaded pole and also it can be disconnected at the points such as valve open and valve closed. If you are going to apply the power to the open valve will cause the motor to run till the valve is open and in the similar way if you are going to apply the power to the closed valve will cause the motor to run till the valve is closed. Most common power source is 24-volt ac.

commercial installations

These zone valves can be made or constructed by using the wax motors and the mechanism of spring return. If the electrical power is removed it will reclose the valve. blackhawksupply.com zone valves provide you the necessary information about the zone valves and what to be purchased.

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