World of Tanks KV-5

WoT KV-5 Short Review

KV-5 is a Soviet Premium tank of heavy class in World of Tanks. This t8 tank is one of the heaviest and largest. Its enormous size makes it almost impossible to hide. However, despite its great weight of 100.175t, KV 5 WoT is able to reach 40 km/h speed which is pretty good for this class. These two factors give the tank a great potential for ramming and wrecking serious damage. It is better to use it when playing in a team, and you should be extra careful if you are alone. With its rather strong hull armor, you should not rely on it too much as many t9 tanks can easily defeat it.

Although the front armor has a great thickness of 180mm, it has two obvious weak spots. The side armor is 150mm, thus, side-scraping is a good choice of the playing technique. The tracks can also absorb shots. When fighting up close and reloading, swing your armor to every side in irregular patterns and move as much as possible. This will make it harder to hit your weak spots.

The turret has the following features:

World of Tanks KV-5

  • Armor – 220/150/120mm;
  • View Range – 350m;
  • Turret Traverse – 21.25 d/s;
  • Traverse Arc – 360°.

World of Tanks KV-5 has the 107mm ZIS-6 gun which is considered to be a disadvantage. It is not made for sniping as it loses its power with increasing distance and cannot hit the weak spots. The gun works best in a close-range fight, which is up to 100m. Trading shots with 300 damage against most of the same tier or higher tank is not that good but the highest HP for a tier 8 of 1780 is making up for this lack of alpha damage. The 2100 hp/min damage makes it a wild dueling tank that can still surprise some medium-level players. The accuracy enables hitting the weak spots. However, the height of the KV-5 prevents it from shooting the lower weak spots of tanks, and APCR shells increase the chances of damaging the stronger targets only slightly. The rate of fire is 7 rounds/minute, the ammo capacity is 60 rounds, the reload time of the gun is 8s and the aim time is 2.86s.

In order to use this tank, your crew should include::

  • Commander;
  • Gunner;
  • Driver;
  • Radio Operator;
  • 2 Loaders.

The most essential crew skills and perks of the WoT KV 5 are Sixth Sense, Repairs or Track Mechanic, Smooth Ride, Controlled Impact, Situational Awareness, Snap Shot, Off-Road Driving, and Clutch Braking.