Reflect your significance with The Godfather’s suit

One of the most iconic suits in movies is The Godfather’s suit. The opening scene sets the stage for one of the most iconic and influential characters in a film that is still well known today. Most of the people favorite aspects of the film are the suits. There are more suits in the film to cover in a single post. To get the extensive Godfather’s suit collection, visit Exotic Bespoke.

All weddings present images of tuxedos, overpriced flower arrangements, and of course the bride walking down the aisle. There are a few features of the Godfather’s suit that communicates power and respect. First is the wide lapel. A wide lapel is not as common these days and was symptomatic of suits of gangsters and individuals of power. But even today, an extensive lapel can communicate a large and spread personality and is Similar to someone sitting on a couch outstretching their arms along the back. It demonstrates ‘this is my territory’ and no one should question it. As for the color of the label, a satin lapel is pretty usual when it comes to bridal tuxedos and celebratory occasions. The Godfather’s Tuxedo has the characteristics such as,

  • A satin wide notch lapel
  • Two jacket buttons
  • Double welt satin pockets
  • Three functional jacket sleeve buttons

The second feature of the Godfather’s Suit that communicates his power and supremacy is the rose. This luminous detail has a scientific backing that further communicates power. The red rose of the jacket lapel was a big addition to the suit as the color red captures notice and facilitates congruent motor response, mainly in an emotional context. Basically, it grabs an individual’s notice and portrays both positive (being a family man, helping others) and depressing aspects (being a crime chief). It is remarkable to note that the rest of the wedding party only wears a white flower on their lapel, further cementing the situation. Visit Exotic Bespoke to get this suit to reflect your significance to the family. Save the time, money, and needless stress by creating the exact suit that you wish for with this shop.